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The method of signing pieces did change over the years. This page is designed to be a basic guide to help you identify the actual date of your piece of Van Briggle. Differences in script, clay color, bottom residue, finishers numbers, glazers marks and artist initials can all help in the dating of a piece of Van Briggle pottery. The earliest pieces of Van Briggle will often have the AA logo, company name, roman numerals and a date and stamped shape number in most cases. Sometimes these bottom marks are glaze obscured or partially ground off of the bottom. Often times the bottom of the piece is also completely glazed but not always. The era pieces will often times have the company name and logo along with finishers numbers on each side of the AA logo and a 3 digit shape number on the base.

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Performance shown represents past performance and is no guarantee of future results. Current performance may be higher or lower than the performance shown. Investment return and principal value will fluctuate so shares, when sold, may be worth more or less than the original cost. All returns include the deduction of management fees, operating expenses and all other fund expenses, and do not reflect the deduction of brokerage commissions or taxes that investors may pay on distributions or the sale of shares.

Returns for periods of less than one year are not annualized.

Energy & Income Advisor. Your complete guide to energy investing, from growth stocks to high-yielders. Elliott Gue and Roger Conrad’s Energy & Income Advisor is your complete guide to the energy sector, from growth stocks to royalty trusts, master limited partnerships and other income-oriented fare.

Long-term horizon, energy, dividend growth investing Summary An 11th hour amendment to the Senate tax bill provides a clue that may explain the recent underperformance in the MLP sector. Since August, MLP performance has lagged behind almost every other sector. Is this about to change? The Senate bill lowers the marginal personal tax rate to But according to Bloomberg , the Senate bill had a catch: In practice, however, [the deduction was] limited for MLP unitholders, especially those with higher incomes, because the deduction is capped at 50 percent of the partnership’s gross wage bill.

Many MLPs are structured such that separate operating entities technically pay employees, so that ultimate deduction would likely be minimal in many cases. Interestingly, REITs aren’t subject to the same quirk, so the effective rate for them drops to just under 32 percent. The upshot is that, under the Senate’s plan, that MLP edge effectively gets trashed.

Bloomberg This would have left the tax rate on MLP income at Would investors still want to deal with the complexity of publically traded partnership PTPs , including all the hassles of handling K1s, if the net tax rate was higher? MLPs, of course, would be able to capture the lower rates by converting to corporations, but this would trigger a taxable event for unit holders.

Worse still, if several MLPs were to convert in the same year, the combined capital gains impact could push many investors into higher income brackets. Eleventh Hour Rescue At about

Neigh Anything

When Shining Armor mentions his and Cadance’s upcoming wedding anniversary, Fluttershy wonders how the two of them first met. The couple tells of how they were students together at Canterlot Academy, beginning an issue-long flashback. In a Canterlot Academy hallway, polo team captain Buck Withers trips Shining Armor and his friends Poindexter , 8-bit , and Gaffer , causing other students nearby to laugh at them.

Cadance walks over to help Shining Armor up, and the stallion is completely taken by her beauty, unable to speak one intelligible word to her.

Sep 24,  · Neigh Anything is the fourth arc of the comic series by Katie Cook, spanning issues #11 and # In the story, Shining Armor and Princess Cadance tell Twilight Sparkle and her friends how the two of them first met.

History[ edit ] One of the first critical reviews of Friendship Is Magic which was published shortly after the initial broadcast in October was written by Amid Amidi of the animation website Cartoon Brew , who wrote that the show was a sign of “the end of the creator-driven era in TV animation”. Fans of the show defended it against various trolling attacks from other 4chan boards, leading to a temporary ban on the discussion of anything related to ponies.

Though the discussion of the show continued at 4chan, fans created other venues to discuss it, and the fandom spread to other Internet forums. Shaun Scotellaro, operator of Equestria Daily, one of the main fan websites for the show, said, “Honestly, if someone were to have told me I’d be writing a pony blog seven months ago, I would have called them insane.

Patrick Edwards, who performed several “Brony Studies” to survey and analyze the fandom, observed that the brony fandom is unlike most other fandoms which “aren’t welcoming to people who are different”, and promote the show’s message of love and tolerance. Marsha Redden said that the adult fans are “a reaction to the US having been engrossed in terrorism for past ten years” in a manner similar to the Cold War , and are “tired of being afraid, tired of angst and animosity”; the show and its fandom are outlets from those strifes.

Unconfirmed leaks of information from Hasbro stated that the show’s ninth season which is scheduled to air in , would be the last for the “G4” Generation 4 ponies with a move towards a fifth generation “G5” that was aimed towards more younger girls much like the original toy line. Equestria Daily saw significant drop-off in readership in the preceding years with most readers primarily discussing new episodes rather than other fan content.

The fandom’s largest convention, BronyCon , had seen its peak attendee numbers drop from 10, to under 6, in and decided that it would be appropriate to end the convention after a four-day event in

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The initials of the potter who threw an original piece of pottery on the wheel. The initials of the person who adds or enhances detail on both cast pieces and pieces thrown on the wheel by others. The person who applies the glaze to the once-fired bisque pottery. To be fair, the artist who first created a design should be identified as the “artist” of a piece which subsequently gets cast thousands of times, and should have his initials incised on the bottom. But such is not the case.

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One reason Buckeye’s value has declined this year is due to some deterioration in its financial metrics. Its distribution coverage ratio has fallen from 1. In the meantime, its leverage ratio went from 4. In addition, it has several other expansion projects underway across its legacy business that should also provide some incremental cash flow. Get paid well to wait Crestwood Equity Partners’ payout is already on a solid foundation. In addition to its sound financial profile, Crestwood has several growth projects under construction that should fuel significant earnings growth in the coming years.

Story Continues A person in a hardhat standing near a stack of pipelines. Breathing room coming down the pipeline EnLink Midstream Partners currently pays out all its cash flow each quarter to support its generous distribution, which doesn’t leave it with any margin for error. It does, however, have a solid balance sheet since leverage was 3. That strong financial position is buying the company the space it needs while it waits for its current slate of growth projects to start generating cash flow and giving it a bit more breathing room.

Once it reaches a more comfortable level, future expansions should enable EnLink to grow its payout over the long term.

Zerg Rush

Her research interests are in the areas of large-scale machine learning, non-convex optimization and high-dimensional statistics. In particular, she has been spearheading the development and analysis of tensor algorithms. She is the recipient of several awards such as the Alfred. She received her B. She was a postdoctoral researcher at MIT from to , an assistant professor at U.

Dirk the Daring is a knight, similar to Dirk Strider’s dancestor/ectobiological son Dave Strider. Dirk is a Dutch, although somewhat old, name. It means: ‘Powerful over people’ and is .

Encyclopedia Dramatica Facebook Twitter Urban Dictionary Wikipedia About Zerg Rush is an online slang term used to describe a situation where one is outnumbered by a force of an overwhelming scale. The term originates from the popular real-time strategy game Starcraft , in which the “Zerg” race is notoriously known for its ability to mass produce offensive units within a short time frame, thus allowing the player to overpower the opponent by sheer number.

Origin Similar to You must construct additional pylons! In the game, each player can choose to play as one of the three species: Terran humans , Protoss humanoids or Zerg insectoids. Terminology In the real time strategy genre, “rush” is a type of fast-attack strategy that involves mass mobilizing one or a combination of different unit types as rapidly as possible in order to overrun the opponent’s base and inflict most serious damage.

This strategy is especially conducive to StarCraft’s Zerg players [1] , whose average unit build time is significantly shorter in comparison to the other two species. As a result, it became common for players to set “no rush in x minutes” rules in online matches. The first infantry units of Zergs are Zerglings.


Light opalish gray head A cockatrice is featured in the episode Stare Master. Fluttershy tells the Cutie Mark Crusaders that they are fearsome, dangerous creatures that have the “head of a chicken and the body of a snake. The Cutie Mark Crusaders witness the cockatrice turn the missing chicken into stone and are terrified.

What Does MLP Mean? MLP means “My Little Pony”. Summary of Key Points Definition for MLP MLP means “My Little Pony”. This is the most common definition for MLP on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter. New ways to say I love you Text-speak using just numbers A list of dating terms.

Hi, folks, Today’s newsletter has the latest new and future general import and domestic releases. If you’d like to order anything you see in today’s newsletter, you’ll find ordering options at http: Or if you’re a regular customer and want to use the info from your last order, feel free to drop me an e-mail with your selections. Also be sure to check out the Gary’s Stash at http: The page has recently been updated so everything listed there should still be available as of the time of this mailing.

Let’s start with future releases which you’ll find at http: Grateful Dead – Long Strange Trip: Includes never-before-seen live performance footage woven with intimate interviews from surviving band members and insiders, and, of course, deadheads, executive producer Martin Scorsese and award-winning director Amir Bar-Lev deliver an enthralling 4-hour narrative of the Dead’s ‘long strange’ journey.

A must-have for any deadhead or rock-doc enthusiast. Morse, Neal Band – Morsefest Originally directed by the legendary David Mallet, this new version features 10 performances omitted from its previous release in the 90s, and the full show is now presented in its original running order. With its ahead-of-its-time cyberworld staging, guest appearances from Sheryl Crow, Robert Cray and Bo Diddley, and a setlist combining classic tracks with material from the Voodoo Lounge album, this phenomenal show can now be enjoyed as originally intended.

As an added bonus, all visual formats feature five tracks from an earlier date on the Voodoo Lounge Tour that weren’t performed in Miami – making this the definitive record of The Rolling Stones’ Voodoo Lounge Tour. Various Artists – Glastonbury Fayre:

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Discuss music, artists, and instruments here. All images should relate to the topic at hand. Trolling, instigating, or participating in a flamewar will result in a ban.

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The six’s close friendship serves as the main storytelling focus throughout the series. They form their own club called the Cutie Mark Crusaders and dedicate themselves to finding their own true talents. In Crusaders of the Lost Mark , the Cutie Mark Crusaders receive their cutie marks, and their close bond of friendship is reflected in their cutie marks’ similar designs. Rainbow Rocks , Sunset joins their band The Rainbooms as a guitarist and backup vocalist. In the My Little Pony: Equestria Girls Holiday Special comic, Sunset says regarding the five, “You’re more than my friends—you’re my family.

Following Discord’s reform in Keep Calm and Flutter On , he and Fluttershy regularly have tea parties at Fluttershy’s cottage and keep in touch via written letter. Even after Sweetie Drops reveals her background as a secret agent and Lyra is hurt by the deception, the two reconcile in the end.

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One was the Leisch boys Oscar, predominantly who brought in what would have been a normal “Grands Prix” trumpet i. The other was Joseph Rapuano–who brought in a model we have never seen for sale in Europe–but which is a throw back to their earliest days I have a “Rapuano: This one is a Rapuano that I was able to restore recently. I am trying to decide how, or even if, to refinish this horn ; it looks kind of nice like this what do you think?

Lena Hall (Celina Consuela Gabriella Carvajal) (born January 30, ) is an American actress, singer and songwriter. Hall is a Tony Award winner and Grammy nominee who will appear opposite Jennifer Connelly in TNT’s science fiction epic “Snowpiercer.”.

Last year, I set out to change all that. I wanted to connect people to these smaller communities. The toughest part about online social networks is navigating them. With millions of users and hundreds of thousands of communities, how can we possibly hope to find the right community? We all use maps to navigate the real world. Randall Munroe famously inked a high-level social network map back in Thus, I set out on an expedition to map out the untamed lands of my favorite social network — reddit.

Below are the results. The reddit world map After several months of web scraping, data tinkering, and fidgeting with layouts, I settled on a methodology for mapping reddit. I decided that I would project reddit onto a 2D plane where every subreddit is represented by a dot. A subreddit would connect to another subreddit if many users posted or commented in both of the subreddits, and the subreddit would be colored red if it connected to many subreddits or blue if it were connected to only a few.

When I initially shared this map, people started charting out the meta-communities that I had inadvertently created.

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