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Share this article Share The bus crash in January paled into comparison. It will be a major character too: Such mayhem that over 32 years it must have been a Personal Best and therefore automatically the maddest episode of a soap in their esteemed, deranged, history. Only EastEnders would look at having a gas explosion on Monday, then an arson attack, an attempted murder, and a shooting on Tuesday and think it was not enough. See them as the preamble for developments like: Holby City, eat your heart. There were also several potentially major storylines that barely got a look in. The gas explosion had little impact, with Phil Mitchell only briefly in danger before emerging from the rubble at the car lot in urgent need of going back on the vodka.

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He subsequently appeared in five episodes in , before returning for an episode in Les was reintroduced as a regular character in April and continued to appear until 14 October when the character was axed from the show. He tells them he used to know Pat when he was an apprentice, implying he was her client when she was a prostitute, and offers a discount on the funeral.

Jean is distressed to hear that Stacey is dead, but Mo Harris Laila Morse reveals she has just spoken to Stacey on the phone, meaning Stacey is alive.

Contents[show] Poppy Meadow Main Article: Poppy Meadow Poppy Meadow is the best friend of Jodie Gold and first appeared on 11 January She departed on 13 January and returned again in June Poppy then departed with Jodie on 14 November .

In the mid s, the show ran a storyline nicknamed “Sharongate” where Sharon confessed to cheating on one of the infamous Mitchell brothers with the other brother. Lucas Johnson, a priest who killed two people and a dog, left a third to die, and kidnapped his wife and locked her up to make people think she’d committed suicide. It’s pretty amazing that Dot Cotton hasn’t keeled over yet considering how much she smokes.

Kat and Alfie get their own titled: Laura Beale met her demise that way. A twisted example with Luke Browning and Ben Mitchell. Ben and Luke meet, quickly fall in love, and Ben invites Luke to meet his parents. When Luke sees Kathy, Ben’s mother, he freaks the hell out and leaves. Whitney became one in after suffering a miscarriage; when she got out of the hospital she had a near-permanent smile on her face and dismissed the whole thing by saying she could always just get pregnant again.

Absolutely nobody was fooled, and if anything it just made them even more concerned about her. Pat Butcher’s funeral had one, in which her son Simon Wicks who hadn’t appeared on the show for 22 years turned up at her gravestone to lay flowers and say his goodbyes. Peggy Mitchell’s final episode had a stinger that strongly implied that the dying Peggy committed suicide by overdosing on pills.

When Bryan Kirkwood producer of Hollyoaks was incoming as producer in , the outgoing producer Diederick Santer’s last storyline was a bunch of the teenage characters staying in an abandoned house in the woods, which seemed to be a shallow attempt at a Hollyoaks Later storyline. The huge Branning-Jackson clan and the Mitchells as well.

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We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Directions from the north: Turn left onto OH South for 8. Continue straight onto N. Turn left onto E.

Whilst Tyler’s love life is pretty complicated in the show (soz Mackenzie), Devin’s appears to be a lot more successful as he’s currently dating Lauren Eggleton. The pair have known each other for.

Hatchard’s casting was announced on 21 January , while the character has previously been mentioned by members of his on-screen family. It’s an honour to have the chance to share the camera with such talented actors and I can’t wait to get cracking and join the Carter family. On 21 August , it was announced that Hatchard had been axed by the new executive producer Sean O’Connor and would be leaving the soap after completing his three-year contract.

Three months later, his father Mick visits Stan Carter Timothy West , Mick’s grandfather but before he can reach the flat he is punched by an unknown youth, and afterwards Mick discloses to Max Branning Jake Wood that he believes that the man was his son, Lee. The family meet at the hospital. When Mick asks him why he punched him, he confirms that he was in Stan’s flat. Lee then has sex with Lucy Beale Hetti Bywater , however she insists it was a one-night stand.

He returns as a surprise for Linda on her birthday. After passing out on Mick’s bed, he tells his father he did something stupid in connection with Lucy. He tries to win back Whitney, but she is still upset about how he abandoned her for Lucy. Eventually, she forgives him, and they begin a relationship.

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Share this article Share Dan, 23, went on to praise the actress in Star magazine, saying: The couple have said they are ‘thrilled by the news’ after making the announcement on Friday Back together: The pair have been linked since last September, but following a break, confirmed their romance was back on via Instagram in June But despite the glamorous life Dan and his co-stars portray on the ITV reality show, Jacqueline insists the pair love nothing more than a cosy night in.

We watched transformers last night. Speaking to the MailOnline before his son was born, he couldn’t hide his excitement about being a parent. Having seen the scan it now feels very real and even though I know it won’t be easy, I can’t wait to meet my little son or daughter,’ he explained.

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He made a short return from 19 August [13] until 26 August He first appears when he witnesses Whitney attempting to pickpocket a man but ending up with cuts on her face. Rob rescues her from the situation, [14] and buys her a meal. He gives her his number so she can contact him any time she needs get away, before taking her home.

They stay in contact and Rob is seen showing a friend a photo of Whitney. When Whitney either rejects or is rejected by all her friends and family, she contacts Rob and he takes her to stay with him. After Whitney has been missing for several days, Lauren Branning Jacqueline Jossa tries to phone her, leaving several messages. When she finally gets a voicemail back, it is from Rob saying if she calls again, there will be trouble.

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There are mega fans of something like that and they find you very quickly. What was it like appearing in the film John Carter, one of the most expensive blockbusters ever made? I felt like a very small cog in a massive machine.

From snogging each other on screen to coupling up in real life too, it s all go for EastEnders newest recruits. When Now caught up with them in a local boozer, we gave them gorgeous chic outfits.

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Both have supposedly come over from Jamaica to visit Josie’s son, Mick Sylvester Williams , however it soon becomes clear that the purpose for their visit is not as innocent as Josie initially makes out. Mick is expecting his mother, but is surprised when she turns up with Kim, whom he has never met or heard of before. Josie claims that Kim is a distant relative, whom she is looking after for a while.

EastEnders: Jacqueline Jossa (Lauren Branning) and Megan Jossa (Courtney Mitchell) Megan Jossa is the real life cousin of Jacqueline Jossa. During her time on the soap, Megan played the role of.

Share 54 shares Tina experienced a traumatic mugging at knife point with two men dressed as clowns in the cash to carry car park, when she went to buy alcohol. Shaken up, she drove back the the Queen Vic accidentally running over what she though was Dot’s pet cat Dave. To her horror, Tina later found out it was in fact Billy and Honey’s daughter Janet, who went missing during the kids Halloween party at Jack’s.

Didn’t see that coming: Billy turns to Tina for support and shares a passionate kiss without knowing that Tina is in fact the cause of his daughter’s accident and accidentally ran her over Billy and Honey relationship hit the rocks at the hospital as Janet shocked her parents in revealing how she can’t feel her legs, leading to more medical tests for the youngster. The anxious parents struggles to cope and Honey stays with son William which prompted Billy to accuse Honey of favouring him over Janet who has Downs Syndrome.

A devastated Billy shares his worries about Janet never being able to walk again with an emotional Tina.

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Look this way for our list of current characters appearing in EastEnders. The pair run the Queen Vic together, with a little help from their two eldest children, Lee and Nancy. The fiery teen soon began a relationship with Bradley Charlie Clements , but it was thrown into jeopardy when she fell pregnant and he urged her to have an abortion. However the pair eventually called time on their affair and Stacey went on to marry Bradley – although she shared a passionate kiss with Max on the morning of her wedding, a moment which was caught on camera by Lauren.

Download Mp3 Lagu EastEnders’ Sharon and Keanu blackmailer REVEALED — you won’t believe who Size MB And This Video Uploaded On Youtube By U.K NEWS , december , january , , EastEnders, EastEnders SPOILER, Branning, bbc, albert square, walford, deaths, lauren branning, the vic EastEnders ️ Real Life Couples Don’t.

There are plenty of relationships that come and go during 13 Reasons Why and they’re always undoubtedly filled with tonnes of drama – that’s even before we’ve discussed seaosn 3! But what about the actors who play our favourite on-screen characters? Getty Katherine Langford – Hannah Baker Whilst Hannah has been romantically linked to Clay Jensen, Zach Dempsey and Justin Foley in the show, the actress who portrays the teenager appears to have a slightly quieter love life. Not much is known about Katherine Langford’s relationship status and she hasn’t been pictured with any potential partners recently, so we’ll watch this space for now.

The pair have been pictured a number of times together but rarely speak out publicly about their relationship. We wonder if they discuss poetry together? A post shared by tommy dorfman tommy. The pair have known each other for a few years and are seriously cute together! A post shared by Lauren Eggleton laurenladybird onMay 21, at 2: Just try telling us these two don’t look amazing together!

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Who is Charles Venn? Strictly and EastEnders star’s age, wife, career and more facts 27 October , Here are all the big facts to introduce you to the actor before he takes to the dancefloor Born in Kilburn, London, he grew up on the troubled Mozart estate. After having a love for athletics as a kid, he later attended Hammersmith and West London College, studying performing arts.

No they aren’t dating in real life.

Romantically involved with Peter Beale Thomas Law , Max disapproves of their relationship and demands Peter end the romance but ends up throttling him when they meet secretly in the cafe. Shortly after, Max is left comatose, following a hit-and-run. It is revealed that Lauren is responsible but Tanya confesses to the crime and is imprisoned, pleading guilty to attempted murder. This distresses Lauren who confesses to the police and is found guilty of GBH with intent , and is sentenced to two years under supervision.

When Tony’s paedophilia is revealed, Lauren is shocked to learn about his intentions. Unnerved, Lauren dumps Peter, who tells his friends that he and Lauren had a sexual experience in the allotments. However, the couple plan a reunion and Lauren tells him she is ready to have sex, but Max bans them from seeing each other.

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Travis and I thought it would be fun to have us both right a short story about how we met and see how close our memories line up I honestly think it was just some random fate cheesy I know as we started chatting online through the famous MSN. Travis was wondering how I liked high school, as I had just began grade 9 and how I liked LDSS our high school in particular, we talked about the teachers there, the courses we were taking , and of course hockey.

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