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Cha Cha is a phone service you can text for answers to questions when you don’t have internet. I mostly ask it things like, “Is Richard Hell still alive? It’s kind of short and hard and generally uninviting. Join me as I find out whether or not I can make a living testing and reviewing sex toys. But then I thought about telling a bunch of faceless strangers this, and I got a little embarrassed, so I chose “2. Like, if you were totally opposed to masturbating with battery-powered objects, why would you want to know if you could turn it into a job? That said, I also briefly entertained a vision of some not-yet-to-market sex toy backfiring hilariously, sending me flying across the room, my goggles askew, as my screams echo throughout my apartment: It’ll kill us all! And obviously this is a subjective question to which most people will answer “yes,” because the internet is full of people thinking they’re good at things.

Quiz: Is He Looking For Love Or Sex

Is Your Identity at Risk? Updated September iStockphoto Every day your personal information is at risk of falling into the wrong hands. You probably know the more obvious ways to protect your good name shred personal information, don’t carry your Social Security card in your wallet. But let’s try to lessen your risk even more. Take our ten-question quiz to find out if you are protecting your ID — or playing fast and loose with it.

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Thyroid Disorders Causes of low blood pressure – Heart disease Weakened heart muscle can cause the heart to fail and reduce the amount of blood it pumps. One common cause of weakened heart muscle is the death of a large portion of the heart’s muscle due to a single, large heart attack or repeated smaller heart attacks. Other examples of conditions that can weaken the ability of the heart to pump blood include medications that are toxic to the heart, infections of the muscle of the heart by viruses myocarditis , and diseases of the heart’s valves such as aortic stenosis that reduce the flow of blood from the heart and into the arteries.

Pericarditis is an inflammation of the pericardium the sac surrounding the heart. Pericarditis can cause fluid to accumulate within the pericardium and compress the heart, restricting the ability of the heart to expand, fill, and pump blood. Pulmonary embolism is a condition in which a blood clot in a vein deep vein thrombosis breaks off and travels to the heart and eventually the lung.

Quiz: Is Your Identity at Risk

Email Copy Link Copied Unfortunately, not all of the men you’re interested in are going to be interested in you–at least not in the way that you want them to be. Sometimes, all of their attention will fool you into believing that they want a legitimate relationship with you, but all they really want is to see what you look like naked. Being reduced to an “object” isn’t any fun.

Even though you could view it as a compliment, because it means that you’re so physically attractive you’ve caused men to lie for a chance to sleep with you, it’s hard to be happy when your heart is shattered. Men should tell us exactly what they’re looking for before they get us into bed with them, but some of them use our naivety to their advantage.

May 10,  · Take this quiz and find out it’s time for you to make the leap from BFFs to FWB — or if you best keep your impulse on the DL. Tweet Posted in: Dating Quizzes, Friends & Family, Friends and Family Quizzes, Friends With Benefits, Hooking Up, Quizzes, Sex & Dating Quizzes, Sex Quizzes.

By Rayne Ellis This year, Mashable is getting in on the salmon-munching action. Check back with us all week as we follow the fat bear face-offs each day, and remember to get your votes in for each round. Katmai National Park’s Fat Bear Week contest is now underway, with 13 very large omnivores pitted against each other in a playoff-like bracket.

Each day, you can place your votes , but have you ever wondered which fat bear you would be if you lived in Katmai? So, what are you waiting for? Take the quiz below: For bears, getting fat is a matter of survival. If they don’t accumulate enough fat stores in the summer and fall months, they might not make it through winter.

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The person I’m with is very supportive of things that I do. Yes The person I’m with encourages me to try new things. Yes The person I’m with likes to listen when I have something on my mind. Yes The person I’m with understands that I have my own life too.

Which Supervillain Should You Hook Up With? Face it, nice guys are boring.

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How soon after you started dating did the topic of sex come up? Before we started dating. He may have said something like, “I don’t think I can date anyone that won’t have sex with me.

Is super fun quiz, polly phelps, we assume that everyone who served in a celebrity hookup quiz appearance, sensitive person and chris brown. Want to be a heterosexual dude, you are you don’t really relationship quizzes continuing debate murky sexual encounter convention cheekily.

At 11, feet Mount Hood is the tallest peak in Oregon. Portland averages days with measurable precipitation. If it snows, the city pretty much shuts down! I think we have about 3 snow plows! And don’t believe anyone who tells you that Portland summers “aren’t that hot”! We get our fair share of scorchers! Major industry Tourism, high-tech hence the nickname Silicon Forest , health care and manufacturing.

Hop on the light rail the MAX for less than 3 bucks.

Quiz: Is He Looking For Love Or Sex

Romance is, like, so Flowers and chocolates are lame. Instant messaging and ”hooking up” are the new courting. And sex is just a swipe of a mobile phone screen away. The online era has reportedly killed emotional intimacy. And Tinder – the dating app in which users shuffle through photos of hotties like a deck of playing cards – is the latest villain charged with its demise.

Take this test to see if a guy is interested in you for a hookup or more. I know a lot of guys these days are just looking for a hookup. Take this test to see if a guy is interested in you for a hookup or more. Thanks so much for the quiz!!! It’s very helpful!!!!! Lover Tester () days ago 3/5(6).

This being the X-Men, their troubles don’t end there, and in some aspects they get even worse. X-Men Gold 32 issue picks up not long after Kitty Pryde left Colossus at the altar and jumps ahead to the morning after everything has shaken out. For the last few months, Rachel Summers has been trying to deal with recovering from the psychic attacks she suffered at the hands of Mesmero. Despite her best efforts, things take a turn for the worst when her psychic episodes cause her to lash out and attack her boyfriend Nightcrawler, in addition to other X-Men, including Iceman and the newest Pyro, Simon Lasker.

It wouldn’t be a wedding without two people hooking up after the ceremony, and that tradition doesn’t change with superheroes. But Pyro’s allegiance shifting puts a wrench in things, along with Bobby and Simon trying to figure out if this will lead to anything more. Colossus’ sister Illyana, meanwhile, is conflicted about her part to play in her brother’s failed wedding. Having talked to Kitty the night before the big day, she feels like she ended up pushing Kitty to make the choice she did, and she’s not entirely sure why did that.


Most of us would rather fight a dragon than approach the opposite sex first. Some people are that way. Relationships, drama, love, some of us are too sick of it all. Dating Sites are best to create a relationship. Who needs drama when you can ejaculate and evacuate? This article is precisely for the people who are bored with all that drama.

Hookup definition is – a state of cooperation or alliance. How to use hookup in a sentence. a state of cooperation or alliance See the full definition. SINCE Test your vocabulary with our question quiz! TAKE THE QUIZ. Test Your Knowledge – and learn some interesting things along the way. TAKE THE QUIZ.

Below are all the winners, ranked from least deserving to most. Crash One of the weakest years for movies in recent history also gives us the worst film to ever win Best Picture. Cimarron Very racist and very bad. The award should have gone to Skippy, the only Best Picture-nominee based on a comic book. Dances with Wolves A terrible film, especially when you put it right next to Goodfellas. In light of Waterworld, The Postman, et. Awakenings, Ghost, The Godfather Pt.

Only he could take the fun and sex out of Chicago. If it did, Starship Troopers would have won Best Picture in The Ten Commandments

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What are you supposed to say? Are you supposed to just cuddle and not talk? Or are you supposed to compliment him? They especially don’t want to hear you talk about it right after you’ve had sex and you’re both naked. It makes them uncomfortable and it also makes them doubt why they hooked up with you in the first place Plus, guys get really turned off by low self-esteem.

*This is an unscientific poll where we want to find out about your hook up habits. If you’re married or in a committed relationship just answer from your past!

Not So Blind Item: NBC ‘s This Is Us closed the curtain on its second season with a wedding, a super sweet surpriseand a flash-forward that’s wrecking a lot of fans’ minds right now. There are plenty of ways to spice up your sex lifeand one of those ways is to try out new positions. I love a good head rush during sex.

Not only does this look like it could break your neck, but I feel like it could also make you pass out. Is this a joke. Also, penises don’t really go that way Sit on a chair and have sex, fine. The March issue of InStyle featuring Kerry Washington more on that in a minute has everyone talking about the alleged use of white-washing in popular magazines and advertisements. The question is this: Take this picture as a perfect example of lighting issues:. One girl talks about the struggle of taking a good picture.

Mature Amateur 79, vids.

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Break Down Every On-Screen Hookup and Murder